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The long rabbit ears symbolise company and comfort as we wish children's inner voices can be heard and taken seriously by adults. We wish every kid can be surrounded by positive attention and love. The smiley eyes and the pouted lips are all expressing and conveying endless love. The princess-like delicate lace dress is dotted with the pure little floret while the pink glimmering shoes with the cute little bow-knot on them. All these little The beautiful things are inviting you to take her home and play with her!


Environmentally Materials

Our dolls are specially designed for enduring value with high-quality environmental materials. We make our dolls out of ultra-soft, skin-friendly, and fluffy polyester fibres . The Stuffing for Plush Toys is 3D cotton and the rest material of the doll is also arenewable and environmentally. Rorolulu is working with you to protect the environment. Which enables our dolls to have the potential to remain soft and warm for a long time.

Easy Care

A messy house means happy kids. As parents, we understand very well that kids tend to be messy. The hygiene of baby's toys is one of the most important things for mothers, therefore we designed our dolls to be completely machine washable to save you the hassles.

Free Drawstring Gift Bag Included

You will receive a free exquisite Drawstring Gift Bag with your order, which makes our doll a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion!


The perfect gift for children, friends, family, that someone special, or yourself!

★Super soft & fluffy!

★Perfect Details

★Shipped with our signature Drawstring Pocket Bag



Height: 38cm(15 inches)

Weight: 280g(0.6 pound)

We strategically designed the doll’s height to be 38cm, which is the perfect size for babies to grab and play with.

Super Soft Ragg Doll

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